Tiny House Kitchen – Two DELICIOUS Treats To Make With Leftover Bananas!

Hey you- that’s right, you – don’t you dare throw those bananas away!

So, you bought a bunch of bananas – could it be you got a few too many? Or perhaps you’ve been out of the house and not had a chance to finish them. Or maybe they were already ripe and you have some kind of prejudice against a brown-spotted skin, or the occasional bruise.



Well, never fear and, more importantly, NEVER waste! Those bananas will rise like a yellow phoenix, and be tastier than ever.



At my office, I am responsible for ordering in some food to keep the hard workers going – but it’s always a bit difficult to judge how much we’ll need, as sometimes people are working away and some work on a part-time basis, so one week we had a huge surplus of ‘nanas which were turning brown and no one wanted them – I am perfectly prepared to eat a slightly gone banana, but others are weak. Weak I say!



So, instead of consigning them to the bin and on my constant vigil against food waste, I took them home, promising to return them in better shape – and so here are two recipes for you, both easy, both delicious and both packed full of banana!

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Tiny House Investments – Russell Hobbs 17L Microwave

Ahoy all!
Okay- can we just take a moment to appreciate what an amazing piece of technology the microwave oven is?

It was commercialised for home use just 60 years ago by the firm Tappan, whose adverts were gloriously ‘atomic age’ – observe:


In 10 years, we’ll have an oven like this on the moon!

And it was only in 1967 that the ‘counter-top’ model we know and love appeared.
After thousands of years of cooking with combustion of one type or another, suddenly we have this amazing new method of heating food, one only made possible by modern science.

It was, like so many inventions, the result of a chance and accidental observation backed up with graft and cleverness. Oh, and some military funding!

Percy Spencer, it’s inventor, designed radar systems for the defence company Raytheon during World War Two, and noticed that food left near said systems (which used, surprise surprise, microwaves as their primary method of tracking) began to heat and even cook.

A few ingenious experiments later, and he had microwaved popcorn.


Tiny House Projects – Pantry Shelves Pt. 1

When I moved in, I discovered that my kitchen, despite having less floor/surface space than my old kitchen, had about as much storage space in terms of cupboards. Excellent!

So I managed to put everything away.

However, I ended up putting things back in a very similar manner to how I had organised them at the previous house which was, I have to admit, not very practical or comfortable (especially for my knees, having to bend down to get pots, pans etc). It was the best I could manage in the flurry of moving in, but even at the time it was my goal to improve on my previous kitchen arrangements, rather than slavishly follow them.

One thing which was clearly going to be a problem from the start was the pantry.

It was pretty much a mess. I managed to make it an organised mess a few days later, but what with the massive influx of stuff from my MARKET DAY (see my meal planning blogs) it was sooo much worse.

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Tiny House Kitchen – Spreadable Vegan Cashew and Garlic Cheese

Hello everybode!
Two quick disclaimers-

  1. I am not, personally, a vegan
  2. No, technically this is not cheese

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s get going!
Even though, as I say, I’m not a vegan myself, I do have plenty of vegan friends and one of my little brothers is a vegan, plus I am always edging towards getting more ethical/sustainable in my diet, so in the past I have tried various commercially available vegan cheese-substitutes and have found them generally acceptable, but in no way a real replacement for those dairy-based delights I so adore.


The idea of making my own vegan cheese was not on my radar at all until a Pinterest-browsing-binge threw up several recipes. Vegan cooking is generally quite intimidating, it always seems to include so many strange and unexpected ingredients, plumbing the infinite bounty of vegetation to make up for lack of animal-extract, so I approached warily and was delighted to discover a recipe I thought I could make.

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Tiny House Investments (PreMove Edition) – My Beautiful Berghoffs

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it:
‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’”

The above is quote appears at first to be one of those awful pre-packaged one-size-fits-all faux-inspirational sayings, ripe for being plastered all over shabby-chic knick-knacks and hung around the house to show how terribly deep and full of joie de vivre you are.

However, despite its trivialisation by the household tat trade, the concise genius of the phrase still holds. It is taken from the fascinating and multi-talented William Morris, a designer, craftsman, fantasy author and general renaissance man, and when you actually find the context  you discover that it is anything but a light and fluffy aphorism. It is in fact a central theme of a 60,000 word epic called ‘Hopes and Fears For Art’ which was he delivered as several lectures in 1880 – you can find the full text here.

381px-William_Morris_age_53Also, he had an impressive beard and eyes you could get lost in.

I have my own slightly truncated version of this philosophy, which sums up my attitude about purchasing for my new house. I’ve paired it down to three words, and it goes like this:

“Only nice things.”

For many years I bought stuff which was not only cheap (my thrift drive is still well and truly in place here – nice doesn’t JUST mean expensive!) but also nasty. And it wasn’t as if, had I been sensible about it, that I couldn’t have got nice things. I just decided to spend money now on rubbish rather than save up for something worthwhile.

So in 2016 I am trying to turn over a new leaf, and get Only Nice Things – which brings us to the subject of this blog!

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