Tiny House Projects – Pantry Shelves Pt. 1

When I moved in, I discovered that my kitchen, despite having less floor/surface space than my old kitchen, had about as much storage space in terms of cupboards. Excellent!

So I managed to put everything away.

However, I ended up putting things back in a very similar manner to how I had organised them at the previous house which was, I have to admit, not very practical or comfortable (especially for my knees, having to bend down to get pots, pans etc). It was the best I could manage in the flurry of moving in, but even at the time it was my goal to improve on my previous kitchen arrangements, rather than slavishly follow them.

One thing which was clearly going to be a problem from the start was the pantry.

It was pretty much a mess. I managed to make it an organised mess a few days later, but what with the massive influx of stuff from my MARKET DAY (see my meal planning blogs) it was sooo much worse.

So something had to be done. I decided to make some extra ‘semi-shelves’ to help expand the holding capacity, or at least the accessibility, of the existing shelves.

I didn’t have much time, thanks for a hectic social and work schedule (not to mention writing all these blogs!) but I did have a lot of wood (remember all that wood? Told you I’d be using it!) and determination. I wanted the to be as quick and simple as possible to make, so I took some of the old white furniture board and assembly blocks I had from an old project, and got to work!
The idea was that these shelves would be a ‘proof of concept’, to be later replaced by a Mk2.

I had already measured the width of the shelves as 46cm and height as 30cm – I didn’t know what would be the best height for these prototype shelves, so for the first try I went for a middle point (my custom on all occasions as a wet liberal) and decided on 15cm- the second was 12cm tall, based on the average height of the tallest herb/spice jars.

Out with the saw and screws!

I decided to test my first cut and sure enough, it was a little too big to fit fit, thanks to the cupboard doors, so I cut it down a little more. Lucky escape!


On your travels on the internet, you may have heard of a site called ‘There, I Fixed It’.
It is dedicated to showing the transcendent awfulness of failed DIY (or ‘kludges’ as they are sometimes know).

I have no doubt that, were I to submit the result of my efforts making these semi-shelves, they would be embraced wholeheartedly as a testament to terrible craftsmanship. The truth is, what I came up with was ugly, wonky and shoddy.
Look away if you don’t want to see some crimes against right angles.

NB: Oddly enough, despite being possibly even worse that the first effort, the second shelf was apparently level! There must have been some local anomaly of physics…


All that aside, what I wanted was something FUNCTIONAL.

The big question was, would there work?

And the answer was….



At least partly. They certainly made an improvement on more most-used shelves and sorted out the chaos. I did have to take some things out, but those were mainly empty jars which would have exited in the fullness of time. Also, you may notice some interesting plastic storage boxes have snuck in – they will shortly be appearing on one of my Tiny House Investments series, so stay tuned for that!

Despite my kludgery, I am pleased with these, and already planning my Mk2, which will be altogether more elegant and pretty and, with a bit of luck, more functional too! I’m thinking of doing an L-shaped shelf, so that there are two tiers down one side as well as the back, and adding in some horizontal storage for bottles in the future – if you have any ideas, I’d be very glad to hear them!


My technical draftsmanship is on par with my woodworking.

Until next time – byeeeee!
– Spekti


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