Tiny House Diary – Return To The Tiny House! To Do, Bunny Barrier & SEWING MONTH

Hi all!

It’s been a little while since I posted – for a large chunk of September, I was off on a Cycle Adventure (which will be described in detail over on one of my other blogs, the Intrepid Cyclist!) and both the holiday itself and the planning thereof somewhat stymied my progress. But I have returned now, and plan to get back into the blogging habit!

I have now been living in the Tiny House just over three months – quite a short time, all things considered, but time enough to get over the ‘Honeymoon Period’, as it were.

So do I regret my decision to move here?
Not at all!
I am just as psyched about my living arrangements as I was before. But now I can think clearly about what needs to be done around the house – I was aware from the moment I stepped in that work would be required to make this an ideal home.

Some of the things I have seen are…well, take a look…

So in the next few months I will be trying to tackle these DIY challenges…or get experts in if I despair of the tasks myself.

However, despite the DIY needs I have decided to initially take a very different path – feeling at a loose end after my cycling and not yet financially solvent enough to afford to Cordless Drill and other things I so desperately need for my projects, I have declared October SEWING MONTH!

Like many people who enjoy sewing, I nevertheless manage to build up a huge pile of ‘to-do’ projects in my sewing basket, many of which have been there for months. So, October is the time for catch up – whether it be a waistcoat, a tablecloth, a patch-up job on old clothes or a halloween costume, I shall be tackling those sewing projects and keeping you updated as I go!

But before that, here’s a DIY-based task I did manage to finish a few weeks ago – the Bunny Barrier!
Now you will remember that I have no pets where I live, because it’s not allowed.
However, if I did have any pets, they would be rabbits called Effie and Oreo, and they would look like this:

i.e. Beautiful!

And they would, despite being lovely and sweet and adorable, be totally banned from the kitchen. In the Tiny House there is no kitchen door as such, just a doorway which leads from the front room,where my purely theoretical rabbits can roam freely when out of their purely theoretical cage, into said kitchen. So in the first month or so of living there, to ensure there was no unauthorised invasion of the cooking space, I had to make a big pile o’ stuff in the doorway, causing a lot of fuss and hassle.

Partly a psychological barrier – they don’t like those carriers!

This was clearly no a long term solution, so I formulated a plan for a proper Bunny Barrier.

It is essentially a thin piece of plywood, cut to about 40 cm high, held in place by magnetic strips mounted in the doorway.

I had to add in some extra wood pieces to ensure the screws wouldn’t go all the way through the wood. I realised later I could have just superglued them on- d’oh!

Also, thanks to my usual slapdash approach, one of the magnets doesn’t quite correspond with the metal strip.


but all in all it has functioned very efficiently so far, and I will most likely give it some paint in the future to make it pretty too.


One of my totally fictional rabbits (let’s say it was Oreo, because it is) has managed to knock it down once or twice, but is invariable so startled by the noise and panic she herself has created that she runs away before actually having a chance to take advantage of it.

I have also managed to knock it over once or twice as, although it is easier to negotiate than the previous ‘pile of stuff’ barrier, it is still tall enough to cause a little difficult, especially in tight trousers.

Okay, well that’s quite enough of THAT, so I shall leave you there and get back to work – and don’t forget to check out my other blogs, The Intrepid Cyclist and One Sip Cafe Club!

Until next time…byeeeeeee!

– Spekti


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