Tiny House Investments – Airer and Vacuum Cleaner

Awww yeah!

Hey kids, I’m back after another break to bring you some TINY HOUSE INVESTMENTS.

So let’s get right down to it..

1. Indoor Airer

Winter is now definitely here in the UK and one can no longer rely on outside weather to get things dry. Drying is the bottleneck of laundry – and since I gave up my beloved tumble dryer (it was the most environmentally friendly one I could find DON’T JUDGE ME!) to someone far more worthy and with space to put it in, it seemed it was time for an indoor airer.


This is a relatively simple purchase made ridiculously complicated by the number of choices – but ultimately it came down to these basic needs…

  1. Small enough to put away neatly, but big enough (and sturdy enough) to carry a full load of laundry
  2. Light enough to move easily
  3. Affordable (naturally)

This last one was not just to save the coffers – there is a good chance that I would be replacing the airer fairly soon depending on its performance so I didn’t want to go crazy.

And whereas there are some products – ovens, TVs, lawn-movers – that can be researched in terms of how well they perform, that’s not really the case with an airer. You’ve got to use it to prove it.

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