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Week 1 - Shed 1

Hello everybode!

My name is Spekti. In July 2016 I moved into a static home on a mobile home park, near Derby in the East Midlands, UK.

There were many reasons behind this, financial ones being the top of the list, but ultimately it was where my heart was leading me – mobile home living is not really on people’s radar, especially people in their early 30s (as I was when I moved).

A chance glance of a mobile park from the window of a car suddenly inspired me – one quick internet search later and I had found my future home, which I instantly fell in love with.

I determined to make it a little paradise, and to chronicle my adventures in tiny house living – I hope you all enjoy the outcome, and come with my on my journey!

I also run two other blogs – The Intrepid Cyclist, which deals with my love of two-wheeled transport, and the One Sip Cafe Club, all about supporting local independent cafes (and other businesses too!).