Tiny House Kitchen – Two DELICIOUS Treats To Make With Leftover Bananas!

Hey you- that’s right, you – don’t you dare throw those bananas away!

So, you bought a bunch of bananas – could it be you got a few too many? Or perhaps you’ve been out of the house and not had a chance to finish them. Or maybe they were already ripe and you have some kind of prejudice against a brown-spotted skin, or the occasional bruise.



Well, never fear and, more importantly, NEVER waste! Those bananas will rise like a yellow phoenix, and be tastier than ever.



At my office, I am responsible for ordering in some food to keep the hard workers going – but it’s always a bit difficult to judge how much we’ll need, as sometimes people are working away and some work on a part-time basis, so one week we had a huge surplus of ‘nanas which were turning brown and no one wanted them – I am perfectly prepared to eat a slightly gone banana, but others are weak. Weak I say!



So, instead of consigning them to the bin and on my constant vigil against food waste, I took them home, promising to return them in better shape – and so here are two recipes for you, both easy, both delicious and both packed full of banana!

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Tiny House Kitchen – Spreadable Vegan Cashew and Garlic Cheese

Hello everybode!
Two quick disclaimers-

  1. I am not, personally, a vegan
  2. No, technically this is not cheese

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s get going!
Even though, as I say, I’m not a vegan myself, I do have plenty of vegan friends and one of my little brothers is a vegan, plus I am always edging towards getting more ethical/sustainable in my diet, so in the past I have tried various commercially available vegan cheese-substitutes and have found them generally acceptable, but in no way a real replacement for those dairy-based delights I so adore.


The idea of making my own vegan cheese was not on my radar at all until a Pinterest-browsing-binge threw up several recipes. Vegan cooking is generally quite intimidating, it always seems to include so many strange and unexpected ingredients, plumbing the infinite bounty of vegetation to make up for lack of animal-extract, so I approached warily and was delighted to discover a recipe I thought I could make.

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Tiny House Tips & Ideas – An Introduction To Meal Planning

I previously brought up the subject of meal plans, and promised to expand on it.
So, here are some reasons why YOU (yes, YOU!) should consider becoming an obsessive meal planner like me.

NB: I try to do a monthly, rather than a weekly or fortnightly plan – this is the most challenging but I think the most rewarding!

Reasons To Make A Meal Plan…

1. Health
One of the things that came out of finding myself a singleton in my early 30s was the degree of control I had in my diet – around March I decided to start exercising and eating to lose weight, as I was gaining an ironically ungainly pot-belly. It was tough.
Unable to eat most of it, I became OBSESSED with food. It took about half a week of instant soups before I was looking up ridiculous man-vs-food eating challenges on the internet, slavering at the screen. But as time went on, my searches became more creative.

I realised that better home cooking was the key to making nutritious, low-calorie and above all FILLING meals – because I had power over the ingredients that went in, I could remove unnecessary fat and carbs without removing flavour! And thankfully lots of people had posted great recipes I could use.


But here comes the meal planning aspect – knowing that I had a pre-set, and in most case pre-prepared, meal to come back to at the end of the day meant that firstly I could balance the other meals of the day and indeed the week.

NB: This can be even more powerful when planned in conjunction with exercise. Recently I have start to plan ‘carb days’ when I can indulge in my beloved pasta, bread and rice and know I’ll come up on the right side of the ledger!

Secondly, it meant I wouldn’t be tempted to binge on snacks when I got through the door, or be lazy and get takeaway. Which brings us on to…

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Tiny House Kitchen – Welcome Cookies!

Welcome Cookies 12

Well, I’ve been in my new home two weeks now, and I thought it was time I met the neighbours.

But to go empty handed – unarmed if you will – and introduce myself to a dozen or so complete strangers, that intimidated me. No, I had to have a weapon. And my weapon of choice was, as always – FOOD!

I decided I would make a batch of cookies to break the ice (although don’t actually try breaking ice with these, it’s not worth it), and what’s more, I’d make something I’d never tried before.

Welcome Cookies 1

Cue searching through my recipe books for something suitable and preferably nut-free just in case of allergies- I eventually hit on a recipe from BBC GoodFood Magazine’s 101 Cakes and Bakes.

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Tiny House Kitchen – 4 One-Pot Meals To Get You Through A House Move

Hi everybode!

I recently got into meal planning in a big way – this was a few months ago, before I had an inkling that I would shortly be moving to The Tiny House, but these two life strategies meshed perfectly – one of those little serendipitous things that make life worthwhile!

I will be discussing meal planning extensively in a future blog, to go through it’s many advantages and fine points, but for now let’s concentrate on the recipes!

NB: All of these are 100% vegan too, so everyone can tuck in!


I realised that in both my pre-move packing-up and post-move packing-away, I would need as much time as possible focussing on the main task, and rather not be cooking from scratch every night or, much, much worse, be stuffing myself with ready-meals and takeaways.

So I decided that meal planning this time would be several large, eintopf dishes which I could freeze, refrigerate, reheat and general stretch over this busy and stressful period.


Eschewing the internet for once, I checked a little recipe book called ‘Easy One Pot’ I’d had for a long time -it’s  one of Marks & Spencer’s – and found four things I thought I could make nice and easily.

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